2023 SNOWBALL RALLY - April 28* 29th & 30th

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The Snowball Rally is back with a new hotel and even some new roads! ENTRY FORMS ARE BEING ACCEPTED NOW
April 28th* 29th & 30th. 

We're back! and if you missed the previous events, don't miss the 2023 running! 

Welcome to the online home of the Snowball Rally, California's only vintage rally designed to bring the rally to the elements! Unlike other vintage sports car rallies, the unpredictable Snowball Rally often takes participants through sun, rain, and yes... even snow. 

As the officially endorsed successor of the Alpine 500 Rally (2003-2007), the Snowball Rally aims to return classic rally cars to the untamed back roads, and elements of Northern California's Gold Country, High Sierra, and the Tahoe Basin.